Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Jams

Ahh, Summer.

The best thing about summer is the music. Not sure why music is so different in the Summer than in the Winter. Winter music SUCKS! honor of Summer, here is my playlist...or at least a partial list:

Kid Rock-Just ANYTHING by this man screams Summer Time
I'm Still in Love With You- Sasha & Sean Paul
Strawberry Wine-Deanna Carter
Summer Time- Will Smith (Or Fresh
Hot in know what? Anything Nelly, cause he's hot.
Get It Shawty-Lloyd
Cryin'-Aerosmith (Do you have to ask why?)
No Letting Go-Wayne Wonder
Hella Good-No Doubt

And let's just say anything Reggae is on that list, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Bob Marley, Sasha, etc. Turn the Heat up!

Some like it hot...some like it hotter ;)

What's on your list?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Result

Well, I am only 2 days late with the result of the Magic Cream adventure....

I'll just say's awesome! There were no crazy skin reactions, no burning, etc. It was perfect. I did have to leave it on a good 20 minutes. But I was very pleased.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Step 1

You'll have to read the previous blog entry to get this one.

So...the first step created a little dilemma. Ya see, I have not drank wine in awhile and I was under the impression that I had a cork screw here. I distinctly remember using it a few months back. It must have got up and walked off.

So. Google.

I tried the shoe method with no success, in fact it just made me feel like an idiot.

Then I came across a youtube video and I figured if it's on youtube it must work. I was impressed, I can't believe I didn't think of this idea (well, actually I can believe that). I put a screw into the cork, screwed it half way in and then took it out with the back of a hammer.


A Night to Remember?

Well I hope not.

I have invested in the one & only Magic Cream. That's right. I've read the horror stories, I've read the success stories and now it's time for me to find out for myself. How bad will it be? Or will it be a success?

I have come fully prepared for this occasion. I purchased a nice bottle of wine (okay, a CHEAP bottle of wine, lmao, I am trashtastic). I plan to jam to some old tunes and sing filthy lyrics all night. Perhaps some man hater music, since obviously this stuff was invented by a man.

I've tested the Magic Cream in two test spots (I had to be sure) and so far, all systems go.

I'll let you guys know how this turns out.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I do not have! Ugh! Whoever said that you gain patience when you have children was full of shit and should really just learn to speak for themselves and not the whole world.

I call bullshit.

Friday, June 5, 2009


How are you doing? Just letting you guys (you know, me, myself & I) know I haven't fell off the Earth yet.

Has your life ever felt like blah? Mine is feeling that way right now. Every time I try to go outside it rains. Pisses me off. So I think I'll stop trying to get some fresh air.

I've decided to finally make Black Bean burgers. I bought the beans like a month ago. How pathetic am I? But today, I have cooked the beans, so there is no turning back now. I hope they are good.

Oh, I'm stuck on Twilight now. I got it bad, like Usher. I can't wait till November! I even downloaded the soundtrack and love that too. I think it's just the boredom. I'm convinced it's the boredom. But just don't take my Edward & Bella away.