Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Being sick is a beetch

I think it's a sinus infection. Oh well. It wasn't enough to stop me from going to the beach after the sun finally decided to show up, after a week of freaking gloomy weather! The kids had a blast and ran all their energy out. I had fun too. I mean, what is prettier than the beach & the sun? Well, actually, the beach was kind of ugly today. I'm not exactly sure what that nasty puffy stuff was on the shoreline (wasn't a jelly fish, but I'm sure it was squishy...I didn't touch it).

Anyway pictures are worth a thousand words, right? So here's a few thousand words for ya:

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Is what I need. And I found it. Yes, my friends <---stupid McCain made me say it, I have fell into the lost world of Twilight. I'm impressed. I'm not much of a Vampire/Fantasy person, but the movie caught me. Now I've read the books. I think I'll watch the movie again.

In other news, I have not seen the sun in at least 5 days. I seen it last weekend, and the week before the sun was M.I.A. again. How much longer can this drag on? IS Jax turning into fucking Seattle? Where is my damn sunshine? Did Jax not get the memo that I can not survive in this weather?

Thanks to the rain & gloom (and doom) I woke up this morning wondering if I turned into a vampire, somehow. My Throat was killing me (Twilight says that Vampires throats hurt when they are thirsting...*snicker*). I went to sit up but I was severely dizzy. Did not help the whole Vampire thing. Then my children came running in the room and I realized that they did not look appetizing at all, so I figured I must just be sick.

I'm fucking sick. Great. All this time Shane was home, I didn't get sick. He leaves and I get sick twice. I'd love nothing more than to take a nap (Another sign I didn't turn into a vampire) but life is against me at the moment and it probably wouldn't be in my best interest to take a nap. I'd wake up with food all over the floor. I guess I'll suffer here in a daze.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today was a good day

I wish I had more days like today. Life would be grand. I actually woke up with energy today. This never happens, I'm always tired. My stupid thyroid hates me and I usually spend two hours just trying to start my day.

I didn't even have my coffee/latte this morning. I woke up and started cleaning and then I realized today was the 16th and I remembered the base was having Military Appreciation Day and having a little carnival type of thing on base.

So, I went upstairs and got the kids dressed in their swimwear and we headed off. Every thing was free, the kids had a blast, there wasn't much whining, did I mention every thing was free?

The kids actually requested to come home and take a nap because they were so tired. LOL. They both came home and took LOOOONG naps. I ended up doing some deep cleaning that really needed to be done. I actually still have energy.

But unfortunately, I know I will wake up tomorrow and my energy will be gone. It never lasts long.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fucking Shit

I just really needed somewhere to curse and get that out.

I went and bought more swim diapers for Brianna (don't need any accidents in a public pool) and more floaties for the pool. I had every intention of waking up this morning and going to the pool.

Didn't happen. Why? Because it rained all day.

I really hope it's nice and fucking hot tomorrow.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

It was surprisingly okay. I had totally expected today to be nothing different from any other day since Shane is on deployment.

Well first off, the kids actually slept in till about 830am. That was pretty great.

And then I seen a free zoo coupon for Mom's on Mother's Day, so I decided to go. Brianna got in free and Eric was $8 to get in. I expected meltdowns and tantrums, especially since Brianna didn't take a nap. But other than a few whines here and there, the day was perfect. The kids had a blast and Mommy got exercise (that she really needed).

And now Mommy is exhausted and I know that my children will make up for the easy day they gave me.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bah Humbug

Holidays/appreciation days are dumb.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pete & Re-pete

Generic rant alert, this happens often. Sorry. Same material different day.

I'm fucking tired, I'm cranky, my kids do not seem to understand the words "Stop running in the house" and most of all I'm just over this whole deployment shit.

I'm fucking tired. I want a nap, I want 10 hours of sleep, I want my weekend sleep in days. I want someone else to change a diaper, break the kids up from fighting and keep them from yelling Mommy all day.

I do not want pity or sympathy, I just want a break and a nap, perhaps a child free vacation? My blog title and URL is very fitting right now. I am awake and please stop bothering me.

I'm thinking of running away...who is with me?

Monday, May 4, 2009

I Love Summer

Yes I do. I love summer, how 'bout you? *giggle*

We've been to the beach, we've been to the pool. My kids don't like cold water. Brianna doesn't like water that chases her.

Summer also means that Shane is almost home. 5 more pay periods. That sounds sooo much better than X amount of days, weeks or months. 5 pay periods sounds really good and close.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Flash Back Friday

It's that time again. Time for "One time at band camp" stories. Except there is no band camp.

My Flash back today goes all the way back to High School. The first time I skipped school. I really didn't skip school often, maybe three times total? Anyway, my friend Nacole was dating this guy Mike. Real Country people here. Nacole had a sister Jenny. Me, Nacole & Jenny were really good friends and neighbors.

Mike drove a truck, a truck that was old as fuck and I believe it was a Ford. Anyway, don't ask me why, but we went to Mike's friend's house...who actually was a drug dealer. NICE choice, right?

We end up leaving there and exploring "Mike's turf" aka where he used to ride dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. We take his Ford that "can get out of anything"....see where I'm going with this? Country, Ford...So we come to this dead end and the dirt road we were on was REALLY narrow. Instead of just reversing straight, Mike asks Jenny "Is the grass dry there?" and she says


To this day, I don't know where the saying came from, but it does NOT mean it's dry...that is FOR SURE.

We go to turn around but instead of just doing a simple three point turn, Mike decides to go all the way out..where we discover..mud. And...we get stuck.

So I'm skipping school with my tommy hilfiger on and we have to try to push this truck out. Fucking nice. I got mud all over my school clothes. Still, no luck we were still stuck. So this truck comes out of the blue and asks if we need help, they try to pull the truck out with their truck, it was a no go.

So Mike & Nacole decide to ride into town with these people to find ANOTHER truck to pull us out. When they come back, they are in a brand new Ford that resembled Nacole & Jenny's Mom's truck, Me & Jenny almost shit our pants, which wouldn't have mattered anyway b/c we were all muddy. By the way, have I ever mentioned I do NOT like to get dirty?

We finally get out the mud with 30 minutes to drive 30 miles and go home and shower and change before our parent's come home and see us all muddy. We didn't get caught.

It took me a looong time to be brave enough to skip school again after that!